Ground at a Gas Line

Other than the location and method (:D), would you consider this a proper way to ground your Direct TV?

Have Joe tell you about the hose clamp that started the Secret Society of Electricians.


You must go search these things out. Where do you get them all? I guess it must be all the residual DDT from the days when Santa Clarita was farmland and there were crop dusters around. Either that or the smudge pots for the citrus groves were burning some mind altering oils.

Keep them coming.:smiley:

This home was less than one year old (warranty inspection). I did their “new home inspection” before the Direct TV was installed. . .

Greg, long time ago! Who was it the DIY from Pittsburgh or the Sheriff?

Anyway here is the rundown for the way in which the termination for that "intersystem"bonding and grounding is supposed to take Place. The rule is as in the NEC and the plain English interpretation is at the bottom.

**NEC 250.94 Bonding for Other Systems.


An accessible means external to enclosures for connecting intersystem bonding and grounding electrode conductors shall be provided at the
service equipment and at the disconnecting means for any additional buildings or structures by at least one of the following means:

(1) Exposed nonflexible metallic raceways

(2) Exposed grounding electrode conductor

(3) Approved means for the external connection of a copper
or other corrosion-resistant bonding or grounding

conductor to the grounded raceway or equipment


FPN No. 1: A 6 AWG copper conductor with one end
bonded to the grounded nonflexible metallic raceway or
equipment and with 150 mm (6 in.) or more of the other
end made accessible on the outside wall is an example of
the approved means covered in 250.94(3).

[FONT=Times-Roman][size=1]FPN No. 2: See 800.100, 810.21, and 820.100 for bonding
and grounding requirements for communications circuits,
radio and television equipment, and CATV circuits.

Plain language: The wire is supposed to be connected to a ground clamp on the steel service entrance raceway, or tapped onto the grounding electrode conductor with a split bolt (wire to water pipe), or at the pigtail’s end of 6 AWG wire.

This applies to telephone systems, radio and TV, and CATV circuits.

Now if I only had a Pigtail! :mrgreen:

Humor Intended! Reply from a “Texan” will be appreciated![/size][/FONT]