Ground bar

Am I correct in stating that the wire should not be in contact with the side of the panel.

Makes no difference as that bus is tied to the case anyway.

A bit sloppy, yes.

A problem, no.

Like Michael said, it’s already in contact via bonding strap. Is there another bus?

Is the main disconnect in this panel?

I agree sloppy but not a problem. The black conductor with the white tape is an issue though.

The white tape on the black conductor is a no-go. Also, is that rust in the lower left corner of the picture? I’d be a little concerned about that if it is.

That one is installed backwards.

Yes it is.

No there is not

So the white is landed on the breaker?

Boy you would hate it here with all the outside panels we have. Hell a little rust on the breaker screws never hurt anything around here. :smiley: