Ground Breaking Event

There were those who suggested the area ( Southern Illinois ) could not or would not support an educational event.

Initial indications were proving this out.

Only a few days remaining before the expiration period of the Illinois State Licenses. Pre registration numbers low, Opening day for one of America’s most favorite outdoor past times, “Deer Season”.

Decisions were made to go ahead with the event. Nachi sent out another mailing.

Oh, Oh, The course Instructor, NACHI’s National Training Consultant, Mr. Jerry Beaumont, called to say he is ill and can’t make the event.

In the true spirit of NACHI, Mr. Ken Sitzes, the NACHI Illinois State Chapter, Southern Zone Director, refused defeat.

Arrangements were made to provide a substitute Lecture.

Mr. Dan Bowers, from Kansas City, Ks.,agreed to make some last minute changes to his busy schedule, and head out to Southern Illinois.

Mr. Beaumont forwarded the course materials to Mr. Bowers, so he could at least review the materials before class.

NACHI sent out still another last minute mailing.

Home Inspectors from Indiana, Illinois and Missouri began to respond.

The big day is here, 7:00 AM breakfast, consisting of bacon & eggs, hashbrowns, French toast, sweet rolls, muffins, fruit juices and coffee, were served to an overwhelming crowd of anxious Home Inspectors.

Lunch, consisting of soup, sandwiches, coffee, and soda were served.

At mid afternoon break, fresh warm homemade cookies were served.

Mr. Bowers and his Associate, Staci Houghton, presented the educational course, Manufactured Housing, as though they had written the program, holding everyone’s attention, and receiving very high marks on the course survey.

The educational event turned out to be one of NACHI most successful.

All of those in attendance expressed their appreciation and support of NACHI sponsored continueing education events in the area.

Those NACHI Members attending were charged $25.00 each.

A very special thank you to all those who helped make the event possible and especially to Mrs. Karen Sitzes, who helped make all the arrangements, printed all the documents, handled all the registration, and acted as liaison for NACHI with the Southwestern Illinois College staff.

NACHI has made a very large footprint in Southern Illinois.

Thanks to the Sitzes family, all the NACHI staff, and Educators, this was truly a “Ground Breaking Event”