Ground electrode detached building

Sub panel in old detached garage. No grounding electrode. Was that always required or is this grandfathered in? Better question, is that always something you recommend updating?

Are you sure that’s a subpanel? Is the common buss bar not bonded? I see what appears to be a green main grounding conductor wire nutted to several conductors, apparently ground conductors from the branch circuits. That part is incorrect if this is a subpanel. The grounding conductors should also be bonded to the cabinet enclosure. There should be a buss bar bonded to the cabinet enclosure, and the grounding conductors connected there.

I see old cloth insulated branch wiring. Several other issues are visible.

JJ pointed out the conduit; possibly another ground/bonding source…


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Here’s the main panel. Top right ocpd for garage sub.

Yes the branch grounds are connected together with a split bolt, not with a bus bar. And then attached to cabinet with the green ground coming from main panel.

Need a screw to secure that back fed main breaker for the sub panel. Don’t buy into that ‘grandfathered’ malarky. That’s just an agent trying to dismiss safety for the sake of a sale.


If there are multiple EGC’s then there should be a ground bus.

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Sloppy and poor workmanship installation.

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ground is provided by steel conduit. does it go into the ground? does it come up at the main panel? is main panel grounded?