Ground falling under cinder block lintel

  • Ground was falling in under cinder block lintel in crawl space, you can see were the homeowner had added a piece of metal to stop the dirt. Would you call this out and how would you word the issue.
  • Also had a crack in the 12 ft. basement block wall. Crack was all the down the length of wall, crack was through the block and in the mortar line (no displacement), but on the outside the brick had also cracked. What would you say. House was built in 2006.

Eaglesnest-Ridgecrest 031.JPG

Eaglesnest-Ridgecrest 133.JPG

Mr. Morris,

i can’t see/make out good enough, the ground falling in part. sry.
looks like tar/mastic etc on inside block.Gee, did they apply any on the outside which ummm, lol, is most important

my 2 cents on that vertical crack, would certainly note it and explain to whomever that the crack in block basement wall (and those bricks/joints) may or many not widen/get worse in future and may indeed leak and would NOT recommend any interior junk-ball system.

even IF this vertical crack in basement wall was on a GARAGE side, it could still leak etc, we’ve done quite a few.

and if you like, add homeowner should consult SE etc, take yourself off duh hook.

Here’s STEP crack etc in bricks/joints… and the block basement wall has/had VERTICAL crack.
There was NO NEED for any type of piers, underpinning etc HERE.
Homeowner here, did get the BS from a couple INSIDE SYSTEM companies who tried scamming her, told her her house was SETTLING and told her she needed piers and inside system… NOT! Been a long time so I cannot remember the COST of waterproofing we did, I think it was $1,300. I drive by this house pretty often, NO further problems, no settling etc.

Yeah sht sure, there are times when some piers or underpinning is needed, of course!
BUTT, nowhere near what these inside system TERDS tell people!!!

Just because there’s a step crack or vertical etc crack in bricks/joints above ground does NOT automatically mean the dumb az house is SETTLING, which is all I friggin hear.

Sometimes you’ll see something like this, which may extend higher up but was CAUSED by/because the dumb basement wall cracked, use to arrows on right/left side of this photo to see other photos if ya like

Bubber the tar spray stuff is actually the outside wall of the basement, so the entire exerior basement would be done this way. This home as a combo crawl and basement. Done when the rocks are too damn big to remove and get a full basement.

The holes are where a lintel is used to bridge the gap between the crawl footings and the basement wall.
As far as the dirt goes, obviously we dont wan’t it to fall in, or we could have a nice hole in the yard. The metal is nice but may corrode, so anything to help retain the soil would be an improvement. I have witnessed chucks of block, wood and metal all used.
This is common around here, and as long as the ground is stable, I dont’ mention it uless its falling in. It should not affect the structure of the home, just make a big gopher hole if it slips in.

…other times there may be underground tree roots/stump that caused a crack etc… sometimes roots will grow/get BEHIND a chimney like here…
How would any piers or wall anchors or carbon fiber straps plus having an interior system and 99 sump pumps installed had removed THIS and, waterproofed the exterior cracks which is where the water was FIRST entering the hollow block walls, got milk? #-o#-o

I can’t see it good enough, sry :wink: