Ground Fault Loop?

Hello All, My 1st inquiry so bear with me. I watch TV in my living room on both satellite and over th air. Satellite works fine all of the time; no problem. At times while watching over the air, its like my antenna, which is in the attic on a booster is being disconnected and all I get is static, no pic,signal ,no sound. The only way I can fix it is go out to the kitchen, where I have an under the counter TV plugged into a GFI outlet and hit the reset button…This usually takes care of the problem, but sometimes when it does not I try unplugging the undercounter TV and plugging it back in and that works. This signal loss happens at the same time in all of our TVs and the fix corrects all of them. My signal comes down from the booster on the antenna via coax cable. The loss of signal almost always seems to happen when someone turns a light on in the kitchen or pantry and also sometimes when the heat/ac first starts up. So I would appreciate any help that I can get on this. Thanks…Alan,

Sounds very strage indeed but I wonder if you are experiencing a voltage drop at the booster power supply cauing it to stop boosting.:slight_smile:

Is the circuit to the booster and the kitchen GFCI and light on the same circuit?

Measure the voltage at the booster circuit.

Sounds more like the kitchen TV is bad