Ground from subpanel

Am I still sleeping this morning or is the ground from the main to the subpanel just completely missing?!!

How the heck did the builder get away with this setup? (House is not even 10yrs old)

Hint: What material is the conduit made from?

No conduit used here. Builders can’t afford it!

Where is the subpanel in relation to the main panel?

**I **get your point Roy, but that **is **the meter socket to the main panel, not the main panel to the subpanel. :wink:

subpanel is in the garage

Attached or Detached? Yes, all details matter.

Gotta hit the road now, so maybe Roy or other can reply from here.

attached garage. two story home. main outside on the front corner. sub is on wall in garage about 15ft away across the living room

What type of raceway connects the two panels?

Is there a ground coming from the main feeder coming into the subpanel?

No raceway connecting the two panels and yes there is no visible evidence of a ground from the main to the sub

OK so what wiring method is used for the feeder to the sub-panel, NM cable SE cable, AC cable, MC cable? Your second photo of the sub-panel is cut off at the top so you cannot see the wiring method.

If no ground is present than this panel is not to code. Metal conduit is allowed by code, same with type AC armored cable which contains a bonding strip, as is NM-B, SER and MC cable which has a separate ground.

Are you saying that those are just conductors in free air without any conduit? It looks like a conduit fitting leaving the panel.

Ditto that, thus my red finger thingy pointing it out for Roy in post 6.

The sub looks like it has a #6-3 NM feeder.

If the home is 10 yrs old, the feeder has a EGC.

It also appears to have N&G isolation, although the installer took the bottom cross bar out to achieve this, vs. a G-bar accessory

If the garage is part of the serving structure, an EGC is all that is required

If it is separated, a GEC system would be required


A GEC at a separate structure is not required if the feeder is a MWBC or a single circuit.

There’s some information missing regarding this installation. The first photo shows a raceway of some sort with multiple conductors including the sub-panel feeder in it. That would indicate that there must be a junction box or some other transition point between the service panel and the sub-panel. With further information or more photo’s everyone is just guessing.

Agreed, information that has been supplied vs the pictures does not seem to agree.