Ground in panel

I’m adding some electric outlets to my home’s basement. I was able to free up one of the breakers in my circuit panel and intended to tie this new circuit into it. Although I have easy access to the neutral bus bar, the ground bus bar is another story…I’m not able to reach it to attach the ground wire without a great deal of difficulty.

I’m wondering if I could cut one of the ground wires for an existing circut and wire-nut the three ends (two ends resulting from the cut, plus the new ground for my new circuit).

Thanks for your input.


[size=3]If you are unable to access the ground bus-bar you should consider hiring an electrician for the installation unless you are comfortable/able to remove various conductors etc. to access this area.


Or just add another grounding terminal. . .

You guys told me what I needed to know. Thanks! I sucked it up and dug my way down to the ground bus bar. It was easier than I thought! The new circuit works perfect.