Ground piece screwed into panel

I found this at the ground bar at the exterior service panel for a 1996 townhome with a 125 amp GE main breaker. It appears to be a piece of metal attached to the grounding bar and then screwed into the back of the panel. I have never seen this before. I sent the pics to a friend that is an electrician and he has not seen it either.

The meter next to the service panel did have a ground wire to a grounding stake and was only connected to the service panel by large plastic conduit for the aluminum supply cables.

Is this ok?? I have been doin this 7 years and have not ran into this yet. I plan on writing it up unless I get some good solid feedback.






Looks like it is bonding the enclosure from here.

I agree. Bonding strap made out of aluminum it appears. Usually only see copper ones but it doesnt matter I would think

thank you

So they are grounding the enclosure to the ground bar basically?

Yes making it all bonded. Usually metal conduit does this or the design of some brand boxes have the neutral bus bars directly attached to the box , thus not needing a strap

What you’re looking at is the main bonding jumper which is required by the NEC to bond the neutral to the metal enclosure.


Yes, all metallic parts on the line side of the service disconnect (in this case the panel enclosure) are bonded to the service neutral conductor via the main bonding jumper, which can be a screw, strap or a bus bar.

Normal for older GE panels. Its the factor supplied bonding jumper.

Service neutral… I think I know what you were thinking.

All neutrals are bonded to the enclosure at the service equipment, which is also grounded to earth.