Ground Pin Up

This is why ground pin on receptacles should be positioned upward. My 3 prong tester got welded to the metal plate and got a firework to boot!

Looks to me like the plate was loose or improperly installed .

The cover plate wasn’t screwed in and fell when you tested the receptacle?

Are you going to fix it?

I am a fan of ground up. If I do design build work I specify that all devices are ground up. Most specs these days are still ground down though.

Sounds like it, maybe the thing had no screws in it. Even with ground up it likely would have blown up unless you really think that the plate would balance on the round groudn prong.

So how do you identify switched outlets so that occupants know?

The thing (cover plate) had no screws in and fell resulting in a firework…
Having the ground pin up would not have resulted in the firework as ground pin would have prevented contact between the neutral and live…

I borrowed a screw from the light switch nearby to fasten the receptacle, so yes. I didn’t want to leave a potential safety issue.

That is correct.

well if there were no screws in the cover you would think a trained inspector would have known better than to put a tester in there and would have just pushed the appropriate test button…there is a reason they mark that button test… in my opinion ground up is just a backwards orientation…

But you could have had the plate short between the hot and ground. Same end result. No defined benefit to either orientation.

How do you identify a switched receptacle when all the grounds are down?

If there was a safety issue, the NFPA would have addressed the issue.

Was this a commercial inspection or residential?

Alot of electricians install ground up as you prefer.

Hate that you went through the aggravation of something like that. I bet it had a better effect than 3 cups of coffee.

With the screw in the plate or not at all…

Switched receptacles, at least in my area, are installed with the ground up.

All others - ground down.

I removed the screw, the cover fell and no firework…

I maintain that ground pin should be positioned upward for improved safety.

Nice backsplash. I agree with you in theory but still not enough to make ground up a requirement. Around here almost no one uses metal plates anyway. And besides some kitchen counter appliances have only two prong cords so the receptacle orientation won’t matter much. :smiley:

And in all scientific fairness the plate in the OP is different from the one in your test, the chance of it having two missing screws is minuscule.

This incident could happen to the best of us, even the Pope…