Ground testers

Anyone have tools, instrumentation or do ground testing.
A tool or instrumentation to use.
1: Panel & system ground.
2: Mechanical. On any component.
3: Bonding.
Thanks in advance.

Meg meter Robert

Robert they cost a lot of money and I do not think you need one

You brought back memories I sold mine for I think about $400;00 … 40 plus years ago .

mine was a lot older then this one .

Megger makes a combo earth ground/ bonding test meter but it is pricey.

For some decent info on testing try this link.

And you want to do this for what reason?

At least tell us you intend to charge extra for it.

Beyond the scope of Home Inspections.

Thanks Wayne.
All the best as always buddy.

Are you sure? I see opportunities at every opening.
Thanks for the heads upPaul.
That leaves a small opportunity to make financial ends meet at times…

Robert, that is an impressive list of services on your website.
I could see offering earth ground testing on phase inspections as most electricians do not test during install.
There is also also a need for annual earth ground testing at cell site locations due to lightning strikes and sensitive equipment. A lucrative contract if you can get it.
I could also see opportunities at commercial and industrial locations.
There is always money to be made for those willing to look outside the box.

Please Jeff, lets talk soon. I am not knowledge on the subject. I see a need myself.
I am busy at the moment but will reach out to you to talk more about Earth Ground Testing and other ground testing techniques.
From what I have read it is an interesting subject.

Thank you for you kind remarks on my menu. I have done most every inspection type but phase or insurance inspection.
I had a chance last year but took time off for family. Lost to much traction but this year feels great.
Thanks everyone.

WOW. I always forget about ebay.
Thanks buddy.

I look forward to it Robert when you have the time. It is an interesting subject.

All the best.
Please email if I forget. My plate is dam full and do not want to miss the opportunity.
All the best Jeff.