ground to neutral bus

Please see these pics and share your thoughts.

PICT0362 (Small).JPG

PICT0362 (Small).JPG

PICT0361 (Small).JPG

Mark, we’d need a wider angle shot of the whole panel to figure out whats wrong other than the miss identified white conductor



My concern is a 240V branch circuit (left side 60 AMP ground conductor) is attached to the neutral bus at the top of the panel. Here are more pics.

PICT0358 (Small).JPG

PICT0357 (Small).JPG

PICT0360 (Small).JPG

PICT0359 (Small).JPG

Mark, given that this panel apears to contain the primary (main) disconnect there is no prblem with grounds and neutrals on a common buss, maybe I’m missing something, but if I am I don’t know what :wink:


Your right it is the primary service panel and there is no auxiliary panel. It is my understanding that the neutral bus is bonded to the ground in the service panel. I do not typically see a ground from a branch circuit attached directly to the neutral bus.

Mark, when you think about it, it’s the same gig electricaly isn’t it??


Yup, I just dont see it installed this way often and thats why I was looking for everyones thoughts. Thanks :slight_smile:

Here what I see open knockout, white wire going to breaker without marking, and is that cover just a piece of sheet metal that someone cut to fit, looks like tool marks around the breaker, if so I really doubt the they got it UL listed for use.

IIRC CEC requires a seperate ground buss even in a service panel. Will try to confirm with someone in BC.

Hi Mark,

This installation is not safe. This is a home owner install and a poor one at that.

As mentioned, that cover is not approved. There is also no barrier between the service and branch portion of the panel, there is branch circuits running through the service area, missing knockout covers.

The 60A?? what is this for - dryers should be 30A and ranges should be 40A. This is probably for a sub panel somewhere that has been missed. It looks like there is a neutral for that circuit. Where does the neutral go?? The larger neutral on the neutral bus is for the 40A circuit (Range).

You cannot connect a ground to the neutral buss in BC.

There is a 60A, 40A and 2-30A circuits. Chances are very high that this exceeds the capacity of the 100A service.

Overall - this panel is unsafe and needs to be called out. It should be recommended that it is reviewed and corrected by a licenced electrician.

Thanks for your information. I did refer it out to an electrician including the above mentioned issues. The 60 AMP is for an electric furnace. The entire subject building had significant issues, this being one of the minor ones. The deal isnt going through, thank goodness…