Ground vs Common

It is correct to say that in the main electric panel that the ground and the common wires are not suppose to be attached to the same terminal strip which each other. Should the ground be on one terminal strip and the common wire on the other.

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They can be on the same terminal bar, but under separate screws. . .

Thanks Jeffery, I was not positive about this.

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Newer panels have specific listings for their terminal bars, so there are some where the different conductors should be attached to separate bars, but the fact is, both are bonded to the enclosure at the service equipment.

There is NO such thing as a “common” in the panel.

There is the neutral (or more technically: grounded conductor) and there are grounding conductors.


Some people will call the grounded (neutral) common. I see about 75% of my students call the grounded (neutral) common when they first come into class.

This is a “common” (pun intended) mistake through out.

Must be regional.
I never hear the term in Chicago

Must be a romex thing, eh Bob…:wink:

Oh, I certainly agree. It is a very common mistake.
I was just pointing out that it is not correct, and never was.

*New in the NEC on page 99: … “common grounded conductor(s) terminal or bus.”