Ground wire?

Normally, I see a ground wire, green or 4 or 6 ga bare wire. I don’t see it in this one. This home was built 7 years ago. Any reason there wouldn’t be one? It is grounded outside at the meter which is directly behind it. The house is plumbed with PEX, I’m not sure how that would alter the grounding at the panel.

My thought is there is a grounding wire on the bushing to the to ground lug of the meter base. Of course, this would not be visible.

Thank you in advance.

Is there any NACHI videos on there site that cover this specific topic?

Specifically it sounds like you’re looking for the grounding electrode Conductor (GEC). If it’s landed in the meter enclosure that is code complaint. The connection can be made anywhere from the service point to the main disconnect.

Some utilities do not allow the connection in the meter enclosure and some consider it to be inaccessible when landed there because the enclosures are often locked or sealed.