ground wire

Okay I know this is not the right way but … I bought a ups for my pc . I only have 2 wire plugs in house . I rent so can not really change things much. So I need a ground for my ups so i do not damage it or so it can work properly. Can i -

  1. Drive a ground rod. Attach ground wire to rod and run to a 3 wire plug ? I know this could cause the house breaker to not trip but will it work for the ups ?
  2. drive ground rod and run grounding wire to breaker box . since no ground bar in old box can is there a good way to add one just for that one outlet and then run ground wire from there to outlet ?

I do have a sub panel hooked up but am not sure if it is grounded or not . I think it is running the 220 outlets to stove and dryer.
thank you

A common approved method for replacing 2 prong outlets is to install a GFCI outlet. This provides some protection. I am not 100% sure with the UPS but that’s something you will have to research further.

A ground rod has nothing to do with the 3rd prong of a receptacle.

A GFI can be used to replace a two wire receptacle but does nothing to provide a ground.

None of the methods that you’ve mentioned are code compliant. You need to run a new 3 wire circuit to a new receptacle to do the job correctly. I would suggest that you hire a professional electrician and since the wiring is very old see if the landlord will pay.

I have some pics of my breaker boxes Perhaps I can just add in a 3 wire cable and a run an outlet off of the box?

The first pic is the label off the box with the ground wire .

This box has a ground wire going to it . It is the newer box of the two I think . The ground wire runs from the neutral bar up into the attic and somewhere . It is connected to the third lug of the bar on bottom.

What is this ? It is attached to the side of the box

this is the old box

Label for old box

Given a choice I would use the FPE panel as opposed to the Zinsco. The device in the side looks like surge protector.

I think we’ve wandered too far into the DIY territory…
One word: “liability”… Giving any DIY advice on this forum reeks of it.
Mark, you seem like a knowledgeable and curious person.
You may be on the right track, but all that I can say is: Please seek help from a qualified person, or a “real” DIY forum.

Considering the history of FPE or Zinsco, I recommend a replacement be considered.

I agree and I don’t think that anyone here is advocating that this person do the work themself, certainly not me. From post #5:

yes i thought these FPE breakers had been outlawed . I had them in a house I bought one time that was condemned by the electrical inspector . had to replace the panel and of course the knob and tube wiring . paid electrician for the service panel and I did all the re wiring . by doing a lot of reading .

I may have one come and take a look to see if i can just add in a outlet . I will just have to pay for it myself .do not think the landlord will flip for that . How ever they do give me reasonable rent that has never been raised in the 11 years I have lived here so I do not mind spending a little now and then .

I know the feeling… Landlord’s good graces are like claims with insurance companies: if you don’t ask them to pay, they don’t jack the prices up on you.
I too rented for many years in the past, and had a landlord whom I didn’t want to bother.
You may be in for an unpleasant surprise: Some electricians will not add a circuit to a Federal Pacific panel.
I hope you can find one who does.

Be forewarned if you do the work yourself… YOU are NOT the homeowner, therefore you will need a permit to install the circuit… ALSO… if you screw up, ALL liability will be on YOU, including rebuilding the home if it were to burn down!

A little side note.

If I was the landlord (and have been) and you, or an electrician you hired, did Anything at all regarding electrical improvements/add-ons without contacting me First I would be very upset.

Looks like someone has already, isn’t that a Double Tap on the main lugs?:slight_smile:

I would definitely inform the owner before doing it . They like it when I pay for improvements . Garbage disposal , leak in roof , storm door , broken windows from storm etc…