Ground zero: Hurricane Nate

It’s only 3:00 pm here in the Gulfport, Mississippi area, it’s as darker than dusk and the hammer just came down, wind, rain, the whole nine yards. I checked the roof yesterday and all the flashings looked good. The fridge is STUFFED with beer so I figure I’ve done all a man can do. Wish me luck guys.

All the best I hope it not serious , all the best … Roy .
Please stay in touch if you can Thanks

Best of luck. At least this storm is moving through seriously fast, which should limit damage and flooding.

Thanks. I’m 128 feet above sea level. I bought this house after Katrina with that in mind. It’s got 8.5" reinforced concrete in the walls, rebar from the foundation to the roof, and the roof is bolted down with threaded rod. Best of all, it’s a walk out built into the hill, so the bar is underground. Hopefully, we don’t get tornadoes this time, but let’s think positive. The word is the surge is going to flood every house south of the railroad tracks, about 500 yards inland worth of neighborhoods (Pass Christian, MS, near Gulfport). No party time for them, hopefully it doesn’t happen.

Sounds great all the best … Roy

Good luck, the eye of Irma passed over our house, hope you have your generator serviced and enough gas, water, food and other supplies for at least 5 days (recommended). We went over a week without power. Managed to save our food fridge by being stocked up on gas before the storm. Lost our beer fridge to helping the neighbors as no one had generators and we decided to run cords to everyone, so they could at least have a fan. It still looks like a war zone in many neighborhoods here.

Good for you Dave glad you where there to help your neighbours .
Nice to hear .

A big Plus from me for doing that thanks … Roy C

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Wow, what a story you have. I could be more ready, but then again, you are never completely ready. My portable generator is propane, and so is my house, so I am hoping to run the freezer periodically and power my small window unit for the bedroom. It is what it is. Thanks to everyone for your concern, I’ll check in with observations later. The previous squall is gone. We just got back from our last foray, a pickup flipped in a ditch upside down right in front of us and the roads away from the beach were beginning to become submerged. No winds, light steady rain, must be panic because there are lots of cars in ditches. Very creepy, nobody out and about. Including me, we are bunkering, chardonnay and a steak.

Thanks Glad for you all the best … Roy C

So Nathan has his own hurricane now?

Yep, pretty wimpy. Sunshine all day in Clearwater.

I’m right next to where it made landfall and it was really nothing. It was 12 hours of preps for less than 12 minutes of high winds that did no damage.

So, basically you’re saying Nate has a “limp wrist”! :razz:

Well you all know Nate, everything has to revolve around him and he is windy.