Needs some help on the ground for the main panel, the ground is going into the white box to the bottom of the photo. Are bedrooms in new homes required to be 20 amp?

The ground (GEC) is in the gray PVC at right. The ground wire at white box is for something else, telephone, security, etc. The bedrooms circuits have been required to be protected by arc fault breakers since 2002. I do not believe there is a 20 amp requirement, not sure. What NEC code is being used where this home is located.

That white box is called an Intersystem Bonding Terminal and is now required (2008 NEC) for the bonding of communication systems. You will usually see it right below the meter enclosure attached to a grounding electrode conductor or as in this case run as a separate conductor run out of the meter enclosure.

There is no NEC requirement for using 20 amp circuits for a bedroom in a dwelling.

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I watched or read a post recently on this but I can not remember where.

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