Grounding conductors in contact with the main bus

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think grounding conductors are supposed to be in contact with the panel main bus.

112710 091.JPG 112710 093.JPG

112710 093.JPG

If those EGC’s are properly connected and are indeed in contact with the bus then the main OCPD should open.

I could not find the main grounding conductor either. Thanks. I didn’t realize the main should have tripped.

Or the conductors should have been fried.

Why didn’t I die when I touched the panel cover?? (Ground bus was bonded to the cabinet.)

Could a list of reasons. Most likely is that the panel was not energized. Or you were not grounded.


Panel was in a bedroom. I was standing on carpet.

I think I’ll begin using my voltage ticker before touching panels in the future, to be on the safe side.

Please do, and wear gloves and googles.

Very dangerous conditions!!

That has become a regular step for me, yesterday I did not do it and thought about it the whole time I was removing the fasteners and cover.

Pretty ugly looking panel, but to be honest if the grounding conductors were infact grounded and they were actually touching the Hot buss bars then BOOM, either the main would trip or the grounding conductors would burn off after a big Boom…dead short baby.:cool:

Hi james, so why wasnt there a large arcing or a big boom were the grounding close to the buss or was it touching.
I have a question for you all how many inspectors here use 600 volt gloves?

I do.

Sounds like a GOOD PLAN…:wink:

Welcome back Paul!

lol…thanks fella…I am always lurking around. I comment only when needed…lol…keeps me out of trouble.

Joe maybe they done it that way for bonding !;):D:D