Grounding Connections

I guess they just didn’t have bus bar handy. . .


The funny thing is, if these are not “sheet metal screws” that is perfectly legal.

Those do look like TEK screws Greg. And it doesn’t look like they removed any paint either. In a situation like this I would pigtail the three together and run one to a single lug installed with a 10/32 screw.

Only one is a sheet metal screw.

So Jeff, did they use a geen wire for the branch circuit neutral or what?

Those hex heads sure look like self tapping sheet metal screws. I’ve never seen grounding screws that were not green and didn’t have slots for a screwdriver. I find it hard to believe the person responsible for that installation took the time to drill and tap 3 holes, then locate 2 hex head machine screws.

As a matter of fact, they did. Good eye.

If you look closely, you can see that the panel box was machined where the two hex nuts are. This would have been a good place for the grounding bus.