grounding electrode conductor, etc..

Is there any benefit to having a grounding electrode conductor connected from an electrical meter base to the main distribution panel ground bus bar? Any benefit of having a grounding electrode connected to the electrical meter and a second grounding electrode connected to the ground bus bar of a main distribution panel(two rods, one for each component)?

Is having neutral conductors and ground conductors connected to the same bus bar in a main distribution panel ever a hazard? What are they if any?


Wow. Lots-o-questions.

Your POCO will tell you if the GEC should go to the meter pan or not. Most say not since the meter pan is THEIR territory (even though you technically own it) and is locked with their seal.

You can run one wire to a ground rod and then extend it, or jumper it, to a second rod; or you can run two wires to two rods.

NO, there is no safety issues with having the grounds and neutrals on the same bars in the MAIN panel/disconnect. This is your safety ground and comes in from the POCO that way.
The ground rods have NOTHING to do with this safety ground. Ground rods do NOT technically “ground” anything.