Grounding panel to copper pipes with a well.

Wondering if the first inspector missed this.
1963 house, upgraded to 100 amp panel in 2015.
2-2-2 SEU (3 conductors, no ground) from meter on attached garage over to main panel in basement.
Old service used to be buried in conduit from the meter to the panel, new service is attached to the stucco.
Panel appears to be grounded via #8 bare copper going over and clamped to the hot/cold copper water pipes servicing the laundry area.

One small problem…this house is on a well…with plastic pipe coming in…

The only thing I see that would make this system still be considered grounded would be the original conduit still in the ground and physically attached to the new panel.

This should have been called out in the original inspection, correct?

First it would be good to get your images under control, way oversized so it makes it difficult to help.

LOL… what, you don’t like scrolling for 10 minutes to see the pic and/or leave a reply :smiley:

This may help…

The metal water pipe system is required to be bonded to the electrical system so you should see a connection which is likely what is shown in the photo. Also the service needs to be connected to a grounding electrode system which could be as simple as being two ground rods.

You would need some better photo’s to determine if the system is properly grounded.

What, they’re not big enough? :smiley:

The #8 is not large enough for a 100 amp service.

#2 and smaller copper service entrance conductors equals #8 AWG in T250.66.

Thanks Robert, I thought it was a #6. I couldn’t tell you the last time I did a service in copper or that small.

Yeah it would seem strange to see such a small #8 conductor as the GEC. We always use #6 anyway because a #8 would be required to be installed in a raceway or cable armor.

Ok, the original inspector finally admitted fault on not catching this and the realtor is attempting to go back to the seller to correct the lack of proper grounding.

Sorry for the ultra-large photos, I will work on that next time.