Grounding to a hose bib?

I’m seeing this as a common practice in one rural community I’m doing some inspections in. I have not seen this in other areas as of yet.

Is this practice safe? Is it a code violation? In this particular case, both the satellite dish and phone were grounded/bonded to the hose bib.

Thanks guys.

If the bib is connected to metal piping its ok.

Not in the office but there is an illustration showing the location should be 6 feet away from where the copper line comes in for water service. Of course you will need to check and make sure that is metal and not plastic. Make sure there is a jumper also at the water meter.

Kevin, would be any different connecting a short wire to a longer pipe , than a long wire to a shorter pipe?

Shouldn’t be a problem, I see it all the time.

I got all three together but I have seen some issues where they will just run a ground short to the copper line and carry it on from another area. Best that you check all connections to make sure they tightened the clamp and ground wire correctly.

It is just a easy way for the installer to get the job done. I have installed satellites for a quite a few years and awhile ago it was acceptable if the EGC was also bonded to the copper pipe. It has since fallen out of favor with the different companies since nobody knew how to check that and the installers were just doing it and not caring about it. In my experience it doesn’t matter one way or another if it is or isn’t grounded. The ground on a sat dish is meant to disperse the static build-up in the system and not to many peoples beliefs keep it from lighting strikes. Also sat dishes are not part of a standard home inspection if I am remembering the Nachi SOP correctly.

BTW what rural community are you in?

They are using the copper pipe as their system “ground”, or are they just “bonding” the water pipe to the system?

I was just coming here to ask the same question. Is this to provide a secondary path to ground for the electric meter?

Electrical is not my strong suit, so I’ve been doing a lot of studying lately. It is my understanding that you need either a ground rod or ufer for the panel. From the panel you then “bond” the water pipe. The water pipe cannot be the “ground”. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

OP said nothing about the house ground he said it was a sat system and the phone system.

Perhaps I misunderstood the question.

Your right. Lacking reading comprehension skills here.

Yes Michael as I did. It is fine to do the ground for Satellite and telephone. We usually find them connected to the meter at the top with a tightening clip but this is not to be confused with the ground to the main panel.

Thanks for all the replies guys, sorry I’m just now getting back to responding.

I feel better now that I have read your replies its been very beneficial. Verifying that the hose bib is connected to copper and not plastic is next to impossible isn’t it? I would assume it was, but that can be dangerous.

I am located in Oklahoma, the rural community I have been in a bit lately is Cushing. I work primarily out of Stillwater Oklahoma however. Not that any of you know where those locations are. lol

Guys, here is everything you need to understand grounding and bonding. It gets complicated.

I don’t want to know that bad.

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This is called intersystem bonding which is required for safety reasons.

Today, an IBT (intersystem bonding termination) would be required, but I often see the hose bib used for older houses.

This is correct. The IBT should be connected to the EGC of the building or cabinet the EGC is bonded to.