What is the latest on grounding to the black pipe gas line? I have read numberous articles on do it and don’t do it. Any opinions? Latest inspection had CPVC plumbing, so they bonded the gas line nearest to the panel.

In many jurisdictions the gas pipe is permitted to be bonded by the appliance that is likely to energize it, such as a gas boiler, stove etc. No further bonding is required. Installing an additional bonding jumper won’t hurt anything either, it’s just not required. Most utilites install a dielelctric gas union at the gas meter to isolate the interior gas piping system from the exterior gas piping system. This keeps the buried portion of the pipe from becoming a grounding electrode.

Gas lines are not grounded, they are bonded. Many areas allow the circuit grounding conductor to provide this bond. Others require a separate bond wire run back to the panel.

CSST is another animal. I seem to remember that the makers want a bond directly on the CSST, in addition to any on the black iron.

Sorry, wrong terminology. It is to be bonded.