Group Health Insurance

I have a small business health plan now. It’s quite expensive. My question is…Has anyone looked into forming a group plan for Internachi Home Inspectors? Can such a thing be done? We’re a large group here. Perhaps we could all benefit from a cafeteria type plan that’s cheaper for the group than individual plans. One that offers most things an individual might want to have covered; what the Health Gurus in the government think we need to have covered; but also offers different copay and deductible options that’s right for our individual budgets. If someone has already looked into this, I’d be interested in knowing the findings. Is there someone I should be addressing this to specifically? Who?


It would be a nice option.

That would be a great option.

It would be nice, but with the government making health coverage mandatory why would any insurance company be interested in providing affordable health coverage. I believe health care costs continue to skyrocket at a sustainable pace until GOD says ENOUGH!

Check out this link for the info you are looking for.