Group Health Insurance

I am looking for group health insurance and I am hoping by putting this out there anyone with information on group health insurance for home inspectors can post it here. Also maybe Internachi may have some info or may want to look into providing this benefit to its members.

A friend that works in the claims industry shared with me that group health insurance are better at paying claims, less difficult in pre-existing conditions, generally have better repricing networks and generally a little less costly.

Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

Just a quick clarification the poll is not by Internachi and is only intended to see if there is a need or active interest among members.

Don’t know if it is still in effect for you guys down there.

Workmans comp is our biggest headache. Anyone in Florida with a company for more than 1 year.

Group health insurance is just one of the benefits that the Conference of Commercial and Independent Home Inspectors will be able to offer to members.

Why is this needed?

Don’t you have National Health in Canada for which you all pay taxes?

This field has been plowed about four times since I have been a member. It went so far to have gotten some numbers from insurance companies and it was not going to save anyone any money, in fact would end up costing more than what you could do on your own. It was pointed out that group / organizational insurance rates saving great gobs of money was a fallacy. Also, there were polls taken and very few actually wanted to tie themselves to this kind of polcies for themselves or their family. I believe it was Mr Santos who did a lot of leg work on this in the past, got little response from the membership.


They really don’t need it but if they want a private room , or special treatment , they can buy extra insurance . free enterprise Micheal . you should understand that.
Maybe you should check your neighbors to the north, they do have a great sense of humor , Seems you do not differ to much.

Group health insurance plans pay for what the National Health doesn’t. For example, private or semi-private room in hospitals and medications…

In Québec, there is a provincial plan which pays in part for medications.

Those group plans are good for people who end up needing very expensive drugs which contributors in the group plan all pays for…nothing is free!

They will just turn it into doom and gloom . what is your sayon health care up there,
Would you freely give it up to have a system like here?

You have a system up there?


maybe with all the crap going on the insurance companies will help out LOL not in this world.

"Would you freely give it up to have a system like here?"


OOOOOO! Boy, you’re lucky this is a public thread!:p:twisted::p:twisted:

wifes got insurance

I think it would be a great benefit for any member

Don’t need it. I have government run insurance . . . Medicare, and it works very well thank you.