Grow Houses keep growing

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More Houses Raided in Pot Growing Operation
Written for the web by Elizabeth Bishop, Senior Internet News Producer

Police in Elk Grove Monday night raided seven more homes that had been converted into marijuana grow labs. Investigators confiscated 6,000 marijuana plants. This latest seizure makes a total of 14 homes in the past month and 10,000 plants. Two of the homes were in the Natomas area of Sacramento. The other dozen homes are in upscale areas of Elk Grove.

Gordon Taylor of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration called the operators of the grow labs “the pros from Dover.”

“I oversee 34 counties. I have never seen this number of indoor grows in such a small area. This is very significant,” said Taylor.

No one lived at any of the homes. The indoor operations were all similar in design and operation. The homes were neatly manicured on the outside with no visible signs of the labs through the front door or windows. Other than the entry and a front room, all other rooms and space in the house was devoted to growing pot plants. The electricity in each home had been bypassed to avoid the electrical meter, saving the operation thousands of dollars in utility bills and as well lowering suspicion over unusually high energy usage.

“One house look like it had been abandoned. The water basins (for the plants) were very dry, the house was hot. It’s an extreme fire hazard,” said Taylor.

Taylor declined to give a lot of details, but said the 14 houses “are all part of a single investigation.” He said the set-up of the homes was almost identical in every case.

Earlier this month, five people were arrested in connection to some of the first homes raided. Philip Yu, John Hin, Christy Tan, Wei Lun Zholk and Can Hui Zhen all face federal charges of conspiracy to manufacture marijuana and manufacture of more than 1,000 marijuana plants.

“These people are coming into a family-based community, setting up factories to manufacturer marijuana,” said Gordon.

The 10,000 plants seized Monday have an estimated street value of $40 million. No arrests have been made in Monday’s raid.

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