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Hi Everyone,

Being able to easily accept credit cards adds professionalism to your business and convenience to your customers. Save time and get your money faster by offering cards as a payment method!

ProPay is a simple, safe, affordable way to accept credit cards anytime, anywhere. Check out our mobile card reader at ProPay now offers a unique discount to US InterNACHI members.
Sign up in less than 5 minutes at and save 15% or more on ProPay’s standard annual account fees. No credit check, monthly minimums, long contracts or hidden fees.

We’re excited for the partnership–feel free to ask any questions or contact us for a FREE rate comparison with your current provider–you might be surprised what you’re paying.

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I use Propay and can attest to their quality service and for those who want a virtual terminal, their rates are pretty good…IMHO.

I also use Paypal.

What are their rates? How much do you pay per month?

John, thank you for the good feedback. For InterNACHI members, the YEARLY fee is only $49.95-$249.95 depending on the account, and the rates are between 3.25%-2.69% + $0.35-0.25 per transaction for V/MC/Disc. Amex is slightly more as usual. No monthly fees, No monthly minimums, and No hidden fees for non-qualified cards.

Compare to PayPal’s virtual terminal starting at $30/month and 3.1% + $0.30.

Check us out.