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Finding and reporting problems like this during a home inspection has grown my residential business until I am having a hard time keeping up, time to expand to employees a son and two grandsons trained by me would be just great. I did not expand my business with cheap cameras and cheap training and I did not do it over night takes time and dedication. I keep seeing individual’s selling their cameras after failing to produce income. I just smile and take my money to the bank. Did I say I like this image:D:D


What is going on above the breaker stack?

You should take that image, remove your spot markers, post over yonder and ask them why the lug slot looks hotter and wait for johnny boy to provide an answer

Nice image btw

Ya confused this is over yonder and I don’t engage 5 pages of nonsense I am told old for that

Damn I am getting old, or I spent too much time in the house I inspected yesterday that had a state legal 420 grow room

12-Month warranty inspection from Friday. Priority 1 exception, because the builder’s electrician didn’t tighten the terminal screw on the breaker for the air handler. The client lived with this for a year because the pre-closing Home Inspector doesn’t do IR.

Which inspector do you think collects the higher fee? Which inspector do you think will get future referrals by this client?

Good find Chuck Evans been preaching that exact statement charge more do more. In the rural area I live in takes 3 towns to make 100,000 population the pickins can get kinda slim I would have folded my business years ago if not for IR. What you found in your image is what I find almost on a daily basis electrical breakers for cook stoves loosen by them selves over time simply based on daily usage.

You and I should have been in NJ this week sure wished I could have made it. Vie is still on her treatments. Tell Deb I said hello and hope her business is off and flying for her

So how did the home owner handle it? I’d imagine reefer growers are quite protective of their crops. Was the owner home? Was the room locked? Did they supervise you or sorta hang around until you were done inspecting the room? Did they have some big plants?

I believe grow rooms will be something we see start seeing on a regular basis here in the next 5-10 years. Every year a few more States legalize it in some form or another so it’s just a matter of time. Once there’s a crack in the damn and water starts getting through than there’s no stopping it.

I don’t know why they don’t just legalize it, regulate it, tax the crap out of it and let the revenues pay down our national deficit or reform our health care system. Just allowing folks to legally grow their own plants for personal use doesn’t do much of anything for the improvement of our Country except keep a few folks out of jail.

Maybe some of us home inspectors will be able to offer another $100-$150 inspection service to our company. I would imagine that grow rooms would have to be inspected for fire hazards and such to be able to obtain a permit. Who knows…

Yep Brandon, they are very protective of their grows. State legal but Federal not so much. Here in this state “caregivers” can grow 12 plants per “patient” and can have up to 5 pts. so they can have up to 60 plants in various stages. The owner had to unlock the door as that is one of the requirments to have a grow room. There were 12 plants in this grow with the largest about 5 ft tall and ready to harvest. The biggest things to look for are overloaded circuits and ventilation issues.