Growing and truck

Sorry no bathroom in this one…found it the other day. Great truck only need very minor modifications to be ready…

Mauck 1.JPG

Mauck 1.JPG

Mauck 2.JPG

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Mauck 4.JPG

Mauck 5.JPG

Runs great and only had 8000 miles on it!

More pics

Mauck 6.JPG


Mauck 8.JPG


No Toilet? I guess Fogarty will be on any ride along lolol

Nice Russ!

Was it originally a camper?

Nice job Russ. Awesome.

Actually it is the only vehicle authorized by federal court to take depositions for federal court. It is equipped with satellite, cameras and 5 video monitors so that the judge can see the lawyers and the person giving the deposition and there is an uplink so the people in the van can see the judge…that is what it was outfitted for.

The receipts I got and it was just for partial electronics was $80,000. Pretty damn technical, so not it was never a camper and was always used as a lawyers office, kinda. A doctor and lawyer owned it and planned on outfitting them and doing this nationwide, it just became was to technical and by the time they got it down, the electrics were out of date for their needs…so they just cut their losses.

Trouble is there are some minor glitches, it sat for years in a storage area, so now I am going through and tightening it up.

Do you all ride to and from each job together?

Just curious if you basically spend the full day together as a team or not?

Really nice. May we ask what you paid for it and how many miles it had on it?

8000 miles and 80,000 in receipts for electronics and such do not know if that included vehicle or not? Hope so.

Info from his previous posts on it.

My bad, I should have known from the leather chairs…

Holy Cra-
Now I’m turning green.
You can give guys a pay cut
and they will stay just to hang out anyway.

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Mileage is a whopping 8800… Yes your reading it properly 8800 miles and that is after I drove it home…

Wow! Nice Russell. :slight_smile:

very nice

I couldn’t have that. I’d be too tempted to slip in a DVD and pop some popcorn :smiley:

Very nice.

We do! Well except for the movie. We usually bring in left overs (we take turns) and warm them up and the crew eats on the way to the next job. Little down time, some Monster energy drinks and off we go to the next one!

Very nice Russ. Congrats on your continued success.


Interesting vehicle, you are definitely an out of the box business man. I would scare the crap out of folks around here if I pulled up in that thing… Probably make the 6:00 news…:slight_smile: