Guess how this roof is performing.

roof-leak-1.jpg roof-leak-2.jpg roof-leak-3.jpg roof-leak-4.jpg

Inspection images by member and Roof Data Technician Robert Martin.

At first glance I’d say it will leak, however, we can see white substance at the end the shingle in photos 1, 2 and 3. Would that be extra “caulk” or other form of water barrier added in between the shingles instead of putting right under the bracket?

That was my thinking too, but look at the plumbing lines. I bet they are leaking where they penetrate the roof…

Leaks. Plus the filename of the photos gave it away :wink:

It is impossible to ask that question from an image.
In most cases when the technician installed a device, solar collector,any penetrations are applied though the use of an engineered saddle or seat and to the manufactures specifications
Without the specifications you are guessing.

Let be add this though. I see no rubberized pad, washers or gasket where the metal 90% junctions sit atop the asphalt shingles.
Contraction and expansion of the different materials where they meet will cause premature ware of the asphalt shingles at the fastened intersection.

It is impossible for me to tell if it is leaking.

Depending on the state the home is in, and the unit being located near the eaves, it may not be a big issue…

guess how this roof is performing…

I do not know about the roof but the lawn next door looks burnt.

Not burnt. Dogs must have worn down the lawn running really fast around the house, which blew the roof off next door.

The poll is a little thin…I would not state “there are no leaks”, ever.

The poll might offer another statement to the effect that
“There may be issues with possible roof leakage due to the solar panel attachment method,
but this could not be determined due to lack of recent rainfall, and no interior damages were visible on this date.”

Could be.
I still can not determine if the roof is in good shape of not. The deck looks OK;)

Wonder about the TV reception. :mrgreen:

Oh, the question was about the roof.

Well it won’t leak until the next rain.