Guess the answer to this inspection question DVD makes its debut at ITA Expo.

We’ve completed the new DVD that asks an inspection-related question from , waits a bit before giving the correct answer, then moves on to a new question.

It makes its debut on a TV screen at the 5 NACHI booths at the upcoming ITA Expo on Monday in fabulous Las Vegas!

Nick, that CD should make for a great training tool!!:cool:

Once we get the feedback at the show, we’ll mass burn copies for chapters.

If we’re not part of any chapters - can we still get one?

I think it’s the chapter heads that get them and then distribute them for their chapters. Maybe you can join the National Chapter and get access that way? I think it would be too expensive to burn them for all the members, that’s why the chapters are distributing most likely.

If you don’t have a chapter nearby and don’t want to start one, maybe I can burn a copy for you if Nick says it’s okay?

Bring your 100" Plasma, HD, Flat Screen TV to show it off!!! :wink:

Oh no. Just SEND the plasma tv along with my DVD. I’ll take REALLY good care of it! :wink:

Create your own chapter-
I can help!
email me . . .

Join a chapter. If you have none near you, start one. The training that is available to inspectors through chapter meetings is fabulous. It is virtually impossible not to learn something useful just by having 20 home inspectors in the same room.

I believe this CD should be available to any member who requests it. I do not like the idea that only chapter heads receive them and distribute them.

The idea of a National Chapter is nice, but NACHI is its own national chapter as far as I am concerned. It has ALL the benefits to offer. It has the PREMEIR website and learning tools associated with it. It is backed by NICK and everyone in the home office. It has an abundanced of education wrapped around it.

Russell - I’ve got several NACHI-member inspectors from across the country that might just take you up on this offer of assistance if you’ve got the time…

Permission to share your contact info with them? Please let me know via e-mail.


That gets to be waaaaaaaaay too expensive. Why not pass it around through the chapter heads, with the understanding that each member can burn their own copy?


Let Nick decide what is too expesive. You can burn a C~D or DVD for about 50 cents, if you buy in bulk.

When you multiply it by 9000 it’s alot. Don’t you think he already considered those options?

I’m just putting in input on the forum like anyone else. I’m not ordering Nick around, like some people around here.

That will give Wendy wayyyyyyyy tooooooooo much power!!! Ha Ha

I only get my power from batteries. :wink:

Ummmmmmmm never mind, not touching that one. :mrgreen:

Agreed. But I don’t think a flat shipping charge would be too much to ask from those members that do request it. I’d certainly pay two or three bucks postage for a DVD like this… heck, a decent “Realtor Bagel Tray” costs at least four times as much… #-o

Some of the chapters dont have the resources (money) to burn copies, it will fall on the shoulders of the chapter head, I know from experience.

Also, not all computers can burn DVD’s.

It would be great to send the DVD’s to the chapter heads for distribution at the chapter meetings, but a burden to expect chapter heads to burn the DVDs.

So to speak, of course.