Guess The Defect

Inspected a 50 yr old Church with 12 yr old roof. Look at roof pics and try to guess the issue and what you’re looking at … Very subtle and seldom seen…

Looks fine to me…
Very good ventilation…:smiley:

Exposed Fasteners?

rain rain go away!

Gussett plates on top should be turned. Gussett plates laid wrong.

Past leaking noted around the skylight?

glad You didn’t fall in…

Good eye Paul!

wrong type of lumber, pressure treated lumber is required for outdoor use.

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then.:mrgreen:

Bvent too short.

Building had a flat roof. Owners wanted a Gable Roof. Installed Trusses over flat roof and made it a Gabled roof. Ridge vent blew off. It was nowhere on site.

Have no idea how long it had been that way but the interior had a few ceiling stains, and mold in 2 seldom used 2nd floor store rooms.

So Dan, are the gussett plates laid wrong?

Engineered Lumber … Did not get into attic nor see truss prints. No idea

You deal killer!

I guess it’s a defective condition if:

  1. It wasn’t approved by an engineer to carry the extra weight, and that funky installation indicates it wasn’t… and
  2. The truss roof system was inadequately fastened to the walls.

Only be a real defect when raining.