Guess Trump’s True Weight

So Trump’s true weight will be revealed today at Fulton County jail. Not some some made up “perfect health” stats from his personal doctor.

So lets see who can guess the closest.

I’ll start at 272 lb


I do not know his weight But if clues where shoes, he would be barefoot.

257 is my guess.(he is not eating or sleeping well I suspect)


Depends on his true height. I know we get shorter as we age, (and of course the libtards are saying he is one inch shorter than he claimed a few years ago, so he’s a liar!), So assuming he is about 73.5 inches tall, I will guess he is currently near 278.0 lbs.
At 77 years old, yes, that’s technically too heavy, but not so much that I am concerned for any complications from said weight.
Long live Pres. Trump!!


270 lbs.


Trump’s weight,295,


You know I’ve been thinking about that old straw what weighs more a pound of chickens or a pound of feathers, so, would Trump weigh more or less if he were first tarred & feathered? Someone please help me my maths ain’t too good. :confused:

Anyway back OP’s question… My guess is a smidge more than Christy. :face_with_monocle:


My guess is 262 for Trump.

Christy at 5’ 11" maybe 302.


Was just a metaphor… Chris NOT being arrested & booked today. :smile:


He is a big guy at 6’3"… I would say he is 284lbs.


Trump is supposed to be 6’ 3" tall, so my WAG is he weighs 288.7 lbs.


About 2/3 of what election denier Stacey Abrams weighs.


I don’t know why you all think they will weigh him. I’ve been booked several times in multiple states and never been weighed. They ask you a lot of questions, don’t ever recall being asked my weight, but mostly they just copy your driver’s license information. This is not a GP visit or a day at the spa! You all are pretty naïve.


Maybe some of us haven’t been “booked” in like you have Bob, thus the naivety? :thinking: :shushing_face: :zipper_mouth_face:


It’s so sad, all the poor OP Mockingbird TDS sufferers frothing at the mouth. :rofl: :rofl:
This sets the precedent, now it is open season on other former and current guberment employees. What you poor TDS sufferers don’t realize is that once (if) they round up MAGA (Tucker n Trump over 250 MILLION views in less than 24 hours [81 million votes my ash]), next they will be coming after YOU.

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You really need to research how views are calculated. Guess you should do your DD GO thing or go straight to the “X” website. It’s over inflated and always has been. But live on in your fantasy world…

View counts.

Carry on! :joy: :rofl: :wink:

Way over your head I see… :rofl: :rofl:

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Tom, I believe you are correct. 150 million clicks does not mean what it seems. And I am naturally skeptical considering the Trump Clinton debate drew 84 million viewers. I do not think Trump/Carlson could double that under any circumstance.


The problem in this situation Brian, it misleads the “public” in thinking that the inflated numbers were actually those who “viewed” the interview, when in actuality, in was way, way less.