Guess what else InterNACHI membership is going to come with for free?

Didn’t know that, thanks.

How do we go about getting the 3 month trial?

I think it’s great IN is getting its members a deal on the software but I’ve gotta say I’m not impressed with HG at all. Upload this, download that, feels like I’m in the 2000s again. The WORST part is them giving out my clients info to ADT, some insurance company and only god knows who else. Calls, emails…I WILL NOT stand for that so they’re getting the boot. Same goes for ISN…automatically opting my clients in on the Porch bs.


Sure. Dom is correct, I can be rough at times when I’m fighting for InterNACHI members. Even a jerk at times. If you dig back through this forum you’ll find one discount after another that I procured for InterNACHI members. Those didn’t come easy. I’m not saying anyone should use all those products or services, but if a member does, I want them paying the absolute lowest price I can get for them. When you combine those savings along with all the money members save from all the additional outright free stuff InterNACHI offers… it’s a whole lot of money in members’ pockets.

But Dom, if you think I’ve leaned on you hard, you are quite mistaken. Hopefully one day the HG guys can come on here and tell you all about the numerous meetings I had with them, how I pitched them for hours, how I negotiated a deal that could potentially put $11 million extra dollars in the hands of InterNACHI members, and how we had to get the agreement approved at the highest levels at AmFam.

My left hand works tirelessly to procure savings for members, from vendors. My right hand works tirelessly pushing staff to create free products and services for members, in-house. I don’t have a third hand to wipe anyone’s sniffling nose.

You have a great top-shelf product. Raise your prices for non-members. Lower them for InterNACHI members (there I go again :wink: ) and position yourself as the best.

InterNACHI charges more than all other inspection trade associations. My personal construction company charges nearly triple what my competitors charge. My bridge company charges double. CCPIA charges more than its only competitor. And the Certified Master Inspector® designation is outrageously priced. I’m telling you what I tell every InterNACHI member… don’t be afraid to raise your fee structures.

That said, it’s my job to fight for InterNACHI members, and I’m not stopping.


Sign up at Subscription Plans and message me here or at and I’ll extend it to 3 months.


So what you’re saying is that while HomeGauge published this training video last year on how great ASHI is HomeGauge Together 2020 Session: Benefits of ASHI Membership - YouTube they were following all the InterNACHI unwritten rules that would allow you to later make a deal with them and ignore everyone else?


Oh that video is the best ever. We play it at our staff meetings and laugh ourselves silly. Poor gal just struggling to stretch out nothing into a video about benefits. If InterNACHI produced a video about our member benefits at that pace, it would be an 8-month long video. LOL.

I’m going to post it on our site, hold on.

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So should I wait for the announcement to sign up and check it out, or just do it now? Any benefit either way?

According to Nick, if you want it for FREE, you must sign up BEFORE the announcement in 9 days (and counting down)!!

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Register now.

uh…my question was whether or not the “free” version of HG would be only the cloud based webwriter or our choice.

I will be interested in this as well. IMO, it will probably just be the cloud writer because with that they can harvest data.

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My bet is the only choice you will have is the web writer. Which is one reason they have not been answering that question. They’ve been pushing that on us homegauge uses for some time and very few are taking them up on it, because honestly, let’s say, it needs a lot of improvement. At least that’s how I see it.

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It’s terrible. Having had 5+ years of promises on a “great, new” product has made us all worried that it wouldn’t be good and…it isn’t. Truly looks like they hire a guy from Bahrain on to write it.

This has been an interesting read. I wasn’t aware of what HG was doing but this is ridiculous and the fact that the owner of Internachi is handing out cheap shots to it’s own members and vendors is embarrassing.


What are they doing?

Again with the accusation Horizon is selling data? Don’t group Horizon in your lack of privacy issues to justify your organizations pursuits.

Thanks Nick, you have given us a lot of great things over the years. I for one am grateful for you and InterNACHI. Data is not safe anywhere, once you input into your computer someone has access to it. Thanks again

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4 days left to register: HomeGauge & InterNACHI

AmFam is a mutual company (similar to a non-profit). AmFam is owned by its policy holders. If it makes a profit, it distributes those profits to its customers (policy holders).

Your theory is that a company that is owned by its policy holders is using data to deny the valid claims of its owners? In other words policy holders are doing this to harm themselves? I think your theory might have a few holes in it.

LOL. Somebody close to him needs to let Nick know that someone has hacked his account.