Guess What! There are good sales agents!

I had the pleasure (once overcoming the shock) of working with two integral buyers’ agents on two consecutive days…yesterday and today.

Both were brand new “sales associates” and both tagged along with me during the inspection and actually pointed out and asked about more things than their client did.

Their sincere concern for the wellbeing of their client…even in this very tough market…was evident. In one case, they had already looked at “over twenty” houses before they found one they could put a contract on. I have read RE Magazines warning agents to drop the “shopper” after the sixth house shown without a contract as “time wasters”.

While most of my negative posts have been aimed more at their associations (NAR and MAR), I have said my share of bad things about real estate salespeople and I feel compelled to be as vocal about the good ones as the bad ones.

Besides that…it is Lent.:wink:

There are some really good agents out there. I feel very prelivieged when I get to work with them.
The bad agents I usually say something that I know they will not like directed towards them for I can be taken off their list. Nothing is worse than doing an inspection with a bad agent. I am always afraid one day that I am going to get pulled it a lawsuit with them. It really pisses off my girlfriend, who is a former agent, she says I need to get to know them better. She is probably right, but I just do not have that much time.

I do not market to real estate agents, but:
I have been blessed to have worked with more than two dozen “excellent real estate agents”. Seeing all of my work is by referral, just proves “birds of a feather”! :slight_smile:

You get that straight!

I knew if you ever did more than two inspections this would happen to you Jim. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hang in there man!

Go smoke your fish.:wink:

Funnny John!!

That is two more than what you have done.:slight_smile: