I have to admit that I am bkelly1 and bkelly2. There is no Brian Kelly, only me and I will probably continue my post as both people. Just wanted everyone to know the truth. :shock:

ok…since we are all coming clean…I have a confession…yes me…

1.) I am not nearly as FAT as I play on TV…

2.) I am SO much more attractive in person…sorry I had to confess…:wink:

DANG you dale…lol…is that freakin picture your Screen Saver…lol

Oh I get laughing to myself every time I think about Jerry and Hustler magazine’s fiasco with…:smiley: …Campari…:smiley:

I once repeated legendary [and Hall of Fame] Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas’s description and account of Del Unser’s third consecutive pinch-hit home run to a friend of mine without obtaining “the express written consent of the Philadelphia Phillies” which, as any major league baseball fan knows, is “strictly prohibited.”

lol…oh and in light of Joe’s honesty…I must also admit I did once rip the label off a matress I bought…but I was YOUNG…forgive me.

You guys are the greatest ,Love you all. Roy Cooke

Since we are in a confessing mood…

I admit to not only folding and spindling, but also mutilating my 1970 census punch card, thereby rendering my results not only invalid, but also skewing the results for my entire demographic.

This in turn lead to the eventual renewal of the television series “Chico and the Man”. (Starring Freddie Prinze and Jack Albertson!)

Please forgive me!

Hey fella…what you DO in the privacy of your own home is not our business…thehehehehe…lol

Just dont define "Folding and Spindling "…we have CHILDREN running around these boards as of late…:mrgreen:

I once went on a wild crime spree…

I parked for 20 minutes in a 15 minute zone…

I found a brochure holder that said “Take One”–and I took two…

I struck a match with out closing the cover…

Then once I got kicked out of my favorite restaurant. There was a sign that said “Wet floor!”–so I did…

lol…now that last line…I can see you doing Jae…thehehe


Remind me not to invite you to my house for dinner.
Perhaps an outside picnic someday, but not in my home for dinner.

good one jae

hahahahahah good post to read in the morning with my coffee. thanks for the laughs!

I would love to come to your house for dinner. Could we have…pea soup??:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

I confess that I’m an ASHI spy.

I confesss … I use to watch Chico and the man

Looo-king good!

I confess, I am hot for Wendy’s Hamburgers

I confess…I eat TOO many Wendy’s Hamburgers…( No comment Stan )