The home was at the base of this gully. That’s it down there to the right.

Hey Kenton;

Are you sure ESPN and the X-Games weren’t there recently?

I still remember the last inspection I did that looked just like your picture.

I had a hard time trying to locate the address, so I called my client and they told me to take a left onto -------- St. then count in twelve trees. Then I would see a dirt road on the left that would lead to the cabin. I finally located the cabin.

Thank god I own a 4-wheel drive or I would have had to walked down the hill with tools and all.

What a piece of crap it was. Rotted supports, flooring, siding, studs and everything else that rested on grading. The water supply was coming from the lake nearby. It was being supplied by a pump and the sinks had garden hoses for supply pipes.

Dealkillin’ Dave,

So now you’re taking issue with creative indoor-outdoor plumbing installations? :shock:

I only call these when the hose used is not rated for potable supply :wink:
good enough for my RV good enough for the rest of the nation

that gully looks better paved than a lot of the roads around here after all the rain we’ve had
pot holes the size of some of the cars on the road

I suppose it’s marketed as a waterfront property???


That’s not the road, just the gully behind the home. There had been a storm a few days before and the water running down the gully left those two long piles of pine cone seeds.

So where was the water finally deposited?? I owned a property like this several years ago. The water was as deep as a chainlink fence in height. I have pics I’ll have to find them.

Ever since then I’ve owned a house on “top” of the hill.

It ran into a stream and down the hill…