Gutter covers!!!

Do you need to be licensed to install gutter covers?

I need some and want to make sure I’m hiring the right company.



Google search. I would say it really depends on your state. They are contractors so being a betting man yes I would say they must be licensed. I thought you quit inspecting. You back at it?

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I’m starting it back up now that I’m moved closer to home.

My only hope is that Nick still gives me the lifetime membership even though I shut her down up in Altoona. Which he apparently has Thank God for him!

I couldn’t see me being a part of any other association!

Not doing any inspections for the last few months has made me realize how much I miss it.

How you doing Billy? Are you overseas right now?

Yes sir typing to you from good ole Baghdad IRAQ. 2.5 months left and I’m home! Yep once you start this business if you have the passion it’s like trying to quit cigerattes for some people lol. I honestly want to be doing this for the rest of my life once I retire. IMO people needs to find their passion. Once they do they’ll never work another day in their life.

Agreed Billy!

Thank you for what you’re doing over there!


If it ever expires just shoot a email to NACHI with lifetime member please renew in it and he’ll have you up in no time. He’s very good at his promises. I’ve been on this board now going on 3 years and Nick has been good on his promises to me every year.

ScOtT lIkE NIcK!


I am guessing that they would have to atleast have a minimum license like here in Virginia they would have to be atleast a Class C Contractor. This would also require insurance a well as I dont want to see my home owners insurance covering them for their mistakes.

depends on your area…here in CA you would need one because of the amount $$ of the job. However I would do them myself and not pay anyone to install them. Dont by the cheep ones they are junk! There are some really good ones out there do ur home work on them…

PM if you want there are some really good ones out there you can install your self and save some $$$$. If you want PM me and I can give you some info on what I have. I have installed every type out there and mite beable to help you out if you want it?

Welcome back Scott, didn’t think you could stay away for long :slight_smile:

Where did you move to?
You should update your location and weblinks

John, you’re right! I couldn’t stay away.

I am still working on my website and all that good stuff. I will send out updated info for all the links when I’m through.

Yes. I believe most states require licenses from contractors. However, I would like to advise you to consider doing the gutter cover installation yourself. I have done it myself and it really was fairly easy if you have chosen the right gutter covers to install. there are plenty of DIY gutter covers in the market right now but I would recommend Hallett Gutter Cover because it is what I have and it has been working well.