Gutter question

I did a builders warranty inspection yesterday where the aluminum gutters were nailed to the aluminum facia about a 1/2 inch to 1 inch below the drip edge. Looking up light is visble between the gutters and the facia and there is staining on the backside of the gutters from water dripping down the backside. The builder did gutters on the front only in the entire community spaced this way.

Generally, I see the gutters installed higher than this with the highest point under the drip edge and at the lowest point just under the lip of the drip edge. The owner had a gutter installer come out and install gutters on the back side of the house and installed them as I have seen them in the past. The owner wants it written up in the report, but I am just curious before I do as to whether or not this is considered a real issue.

Any thoughts?

The middle picture has me confused , as I see no downspout, yet see an angle to the corner.

I am also baffled by the baffles in the first picture.

As far as placement on the facia goes I would be more concerned with slope and downspouts.

Im more curious about the roof sag in the 1st pic. Unless its the sun/shadow playing tricks with my eyes.

The first picture is a gutter the builder put up trying to fix a problem where water is pooling around the slab because the sloped the patio wrong and water is collecting inside the screened patio.

The middle picture is looking straight up at the entry way. They installed the downspouts on the front corner of the garage and the front corner of the side, but none at the other ends. I have written the downspouts as a needed repair, but he wants the whole thing taken down and reinstalled and I am trying to determine if that is needed or not.

That’s the first thing I noticed too. The wavy roof.

Yeah strangely when I pointed this out to the homeowner he had never noticed it. I guess he was focusing to hard on the gutters

Not sure as an inspector you would be the one to recommend removal…A specialist would be more appropriate. Further evaluation and repair by a licensed contractor would be my suggestion.

Did the owner say that rain water was coming in behind the gutters?

Yes, he said when it rains water is running down the back side at the front door.

I believe this is how I am going to write it up for him.

· **Repair: **Some roof sheathing and rafter sags are present in the screen porch roof system. Additional support may be needed. Recommend further evaluation by a licensed contractor.
· **Repair: **Water stains are present on the backside of the gutters on the front of the house. Daylight is visible where the gutters are attached to the fascia allowing water to enter and run down the backside of the gutter.Recommend further evaluation by a licensed contractor.
· **Repair: **There does not appear to be a sufficient number of downspouts on the front of the home based on the number of corners. Additional downspouts should be installed to avoid spilling roof runoff around the building – a potential source of water entry or water damage. Recommend further evaluation by a licensed contractor.
· **Repair: **The downspouts should discharge water at least five (5) feet from the house. Storm water should be encouraged to flow away from the building at the point of discharge.

That should cover it.

A little-known and forgotten fact is that the gutter’s top outer edge should be located below an imaginary plane which is an extension of the roof slope. Low slope roofs such as 3 on 12 should have the gutters spaced a full inch below that plane. Higher slope roofs, such as 12 on 12, should have the gutter spaced 1/4-inch below that plane. In-between slopes can be interpolated. This is especially important in snow regions, to mitigate against snow or ice sliding off the roof and taking the gutters with it.

I see this rule violated all the time. I don’t think gutter installers are ever taught it.

I go by this:

gutter placement.jpg

On the rainy west coast, the gutters are usually tucked right up under the shingles. :cool:

John Kogel