gutters - bonded or not?

Gutters are 6’4" above pool deck, and is almost directly above spa.

Should the gutters be bonded?


The bonding zone is 5’ horizontally from the edge and 12’ vertically from the water.
I also have a problem with that flood light.

Thanks Greg!!!

Are they metal gutters? I haven’t seen metal gutters in years.

That 90% what I see in my area.

That is also aluminum soffit, pierced by the conductors of that light.

On the flood light…a little late to mess with bonding it…better to just make sure the circuit supplying it is on GFCI since it is already a done deal.

The bonding grid and things associated with it have progressed greatly over the years…so never know when it was originally installed…but in safety terms I would recommend it be protected by GFCI.

That light is simply to close. It should have been disconnected and removed.

Greg I like the idea of removing it too. Just seems dangerous.

(Also, soffits are vinyl)