$h!# about to hit the inspection industry fan.

I haven’t seen the article yet, but I am told by FREA that their current issue of the Communicator Magazine (for inspectors and appraisers) is being shipped this week bulk rate and will arrive in 2 weeks. Nearly every inspector will get one as they printed a whopping 140,000 copies!

The featured article is a comparison of all the inspection trade associations. It includes graphs and charts comparing everything from number of members to benefits offered.

Anyway, I have been told that NACHI came out first (#1) in every category comparison except length of time in operation.

:roll: Oh boy!

I called FREA today and bought 500 copies for NACHI members who don’t get their copy in the mail within 2 weeks or so.

Oh, I would like a copy of that please.

That’s good advertising. :slight_smile:


Good job

And a good job to all members that are making NACHI even better.

I know you have had a little help in this building. Even if it was just to help you keep both your feet on the ground at the same time.

Again good job -

What next


I’d sure like to shove that in the faces of a few Agents in my area, especially the ones who clients have told me recently to “make sure the inspector is ASHI certified when you call them”. The clients, not knowing any better are led to believe this. Bob W

I swear, I had nothing to do with this. Honestly. :smiley:

As soon as someone gets their copy email me please. I’m dying to find out if ASHI counts their come-only-with-cash Candidates as members now like Scott Patterson says. That would be so funny.

I’m hearing rumors on that, too, Nick;
Member Lew Capaul came back from an ITA school in Seattle. He called me today & said A$HI was crammed down their throats by the instructors.
Lew asked them what A$HI does for new inspectors - they admitted, “nothing.”

Then they said that A$HI is considering doing away with “candidate” status.

Guess they’ll keep trying things until they find something that works . . . like NACHI!!!

I have never seen one of these magazines. Would I be on their mailing list for this issue??? I hope so!!

Will we be able to get promission to make copies of this article?

This article would make for a great PSA for the chapters to use in newspaper ads to promote chapter members.

What do you say Nick. (Of course we have to see the article first)

I sure hope I get a copy of this article…Hint…Hint…:slight_smile:

I don’t receive this - PLEASE send me a copy, snail mail or email.

I’m new to the inspection field and I’m happy I chose NACHI over all the others. I’m looking forward to an exciting career.

Welcome Antonio !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Great job Nick…

Welcome aboard Mr Jones.

You can subscribe to the FREA Communicator Magazine here:


Way to Go Nick! Even though you said you had nothing to do with this, every success at NACHI has your finger prints all over it.
Thanks again,

I never got a copy of this…if you have one handy NICK I would love to see a copy.

I’m looking forward to my copy because a lot of Realtors need to see this

I’m looking forward to this as well. Here in western PA the realtors need to see this ASAP. Some ask if you are ASHI Certified, and others will not even give your brochure a glance if they do not see a specific logo. This is great for my business and NACHI!!

Nick, the last order of The “Enviromental Concerns” that was shipped to me came with the copy. It didn’t do anything for NACHI. You might want to check with Deanna to get a copy and see what you think. That didn’t say anything bad but the figures don’t seem quite right, or the description of what NACHI provides is really lacking.

I’d love a copy as well, if at all possible. If not a copy maybe a pdf of the article to post on my website and include in my binders and presentations to realtors, investors,lenders, etc…