H clips

Looked at 1981 house today that had no H clips on sheathing, everything looked fine. Were they required in 1981 or did that come later?

Welcome to home inspecting in Minnesota! Was the home in the cities, or out laying areas? As you should be aware by now, every town you inspect in, has their own standards the AHJ holds to. It gets to the point that you have to contact every AHJ to find out what they required at any given time. The further from the cities you get, the worse it gets.

With that being said, the home is now 30 years old, and probably getting close to needing a new roof anyway (if original). I suspect it has been replaced once already. I would comment that the h-clips are not installed (not ‘missing’) and that they be installed when the roof is next replaced. At this point, no one is going to install h-clips because they are not installed. This equates to a full tear-off. Your client should be informed of this.


I just checked your website. I see you are in St. Michael. (May want to change your location in the control panel). I do a lot of inspections in St. Michael, and h-clips are hit or miss there. I suspect they were not required there until the early 2000’s from what I have seen.

Thanks Jeff, I was in Brooklyn Park just off of 252. I pointed it out to client and like you said, the next new roof we’ll get em in there! thanks