H.E.L.P program

Does anyone else in here utilize the Healthier Environment Living Program? I have been a part of this program for almost a year with no sales. Anyone have advice?

Are you advertising or promoting it. I have a friend who is doing something similar and he is doing very well. And he just started a few months back.

Hi Eric,

We do all the website hosting for H.E.L.P franchise users and I haven’t seen you get a site. This is a vital portion of the program. I also know several guys who are doing VERY well. One booked multiple airlines, another has a ton of daycare centers, and another got a football stadium. Like Gerry said, you definitely have to market it.


I have a website but something I did myself. Do you do SEO for people? I think that is my problem.

We help people do SEO for themselves. I’ve written articles, made videos, there are heavy discussions on it here and on our message boards. We also have about a dozen inspectors who will do the SEO for you but you need to learn in the end so you can continue to make changes each month. I don’t do it any more as I’m just way too busy!

Eric, if you tell me what your website address is, I’ll look at it and give you some tips to SEO it up.

Its http://westopgerms.com/ Thanks for the H.E.L.P nick no pun intended :slight_smile:

Is anyone involved in this program and is it making money for you?

Eric, my advice is to not SEO yet. Fix your site up so that is looks at least reasonably professional. I count 9 different fonts, different colors, different sizes, for example.

Eric are you an associate?


I was an AL I dropped down to a provider for the $30.00 a month.