H.E.L.P. webinar on August 17th at 12 noon EST.

I just wanted to touch base with everyone to let you all know that the new Business Websites for our Members are now available on our shopping cart at http://www.healthierprogrammembers.com/helpstore.html . Our new shopping cart is gearing up for debut after our Webinar. Dominic has done a fantastic job on developing these sites. You will have a great experience working with Dominic Maricic and he will also be a guest speaker on our up coming Webinar on August 17th at 12:00 noon EST. This is a very affordable way to get your business known throughout your community.

The new Disinfectant is also available, which is a perfect and unique blend when used with the XMICROBE™ Antimicrobial. Just add 1 / 16oz. bottle of XMICROBE™ antimicrobial and 1 / 4oz. bottle of the XMICROBE™ Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner to 1 Full Gallon of water. This will give you 1 gallon and 20oz. of a second to none – long lasting Disinfect and Protect ready to use solution!

I mentioned in my previous email that I would be sending out who our guest speakers will be for our August 17th Webinar. Here they are…

Guest speakers will be:

Lori Steffen and Jeff Wark the “Dynamic Duo of Content,” from Net Content Solutions – Lori and Jeff will be talking to us about their new Lead Generation systems specifically designed for our H.E.L.P. Organization. If you are unfamiliar with their works – just Google them! You will be amazed and they are here for your success.

Mr. Dominic Maricic with Home Inspector Pro – the Developer with the H.E.L.P. Business Members websites. Dominic is already serving our members with much success and it a pleasure working with Dominic. Taking orders now.

Dr. David Tinkelman; Vice President of Health Initiatives at National Jewish Health and Jeffrey Nathanson; Executive Director Business Development also from National Jewish Health will be discussing the new rollout of the new Healthier Verifications™ Indoor Allergen and Mold Test Kits. I had the pleasure of flying out and meeting the folks at National Jewish Health to ramp up a truly unique diagnostic and reporting system for the Healthier Environment Living Program™.

Mr. Ken Compton – An Internet Marketing Master is going to discuss proven methods of using our Coupon Program to help you win that customer over and make them say YES.

Mr. Verne Morland – President of Digital Stationery is going to discuss making outbound emails a success! Reinforce the H.E.L.P. Brand, Vision and Marketing Messages to your clients. This has been a long time coming and we are thrilled to have Mr. Morland and his awesome staff on our team! Taking orders now.

And more to come!!

When I read the paper and watch the news about all that is happening with the swine flu and other health related problems caused by contaminated air and surfaces, I think about our tremendous Healthier Environment Living Program™ organization reaching out on a daily basis to others so that they to can live in the healthiest environment possible. I have had the pleasure of speaking to quite a few of our members over the last week and it excites me to hear of all the successes that are happening in their communities with the Healthier Environment Living Program™. All of these successes will be published very soon so that we can all share and learn. I thank you for your business and support to make the Healthier Environment Living Program™ the home and business service program of choice.

Keep reaching out to educate and make a difference.

Best Regards,

Jeffrey Wade
Vice President
Healthier Environment Living Program™
Indoor Air & Surface Quality™ (IASQ™)

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