H.I. In the News


Nothing there that we’re not already doing…

Awesome! A news article that describes what has been bare minimum for years!

I think tomorrow’s headliine will be it will be unlawful to drive a car while intoxicated, and require cars to stop when a school bus has it’s red lights flashing…

Hmm i Wonder how many attic’s she has climbed in

Attics and crawlspaces I can understand, but why on earth would you not be able to inspect a basement??? The stairs too steep?

Since Indiana is already a licensed state … I wonder if this lady is trying to bypass or work around the SoP to make it MANDATORY that an inspector fully inspect EVERY crawl or attic NO matter the size or accessibility, etc.

ALSO wonder if she’s trying to work around SoP to make HI’s responsible for things in finished OR heavily obstructed basements they could NOT see or inspect.

This sounds hinky.

Did anybody attempt to post a comment? I did but it is awaiting moderation, or not approved at all. See what occurs on Monday.

…and your comment will be entertaining, I’m sure…:wink: