habitail living enviroment (posted by Kennith)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on AskNACHI.org by Kennith (from kingston,ga). [/ASKNACHI]what is the true definition of habital living enviroment

Well Kennith I think you meant
habitable living environment .
I have lived many decades and from what I read and see we all can do things to improve our place on earth but many have a multitude of Ideas and I do not necessary believe most of them.
I expect you to wonder what direction to go .
I think just do what you feel is proper and not abuse the world or the people in it .


If you are looking to find what is an acceptable housing unit, or habitible dwelling, you should contact your local county building office. Ask them what standards need to be met for a certificate of occupancy. Requirements vary by geographical area, state by state and even county by county.

This is normaly a legal term being deffined in your states or provinces equivalent of “safe and sanitary housing” laws, and is the minimum required standard for rental property to meet.



For the most part it can be considered
4 walls with windows front door and a rear or window egress exit
potable water ( does not have to be heated)
minimum requires comunial Lavatory
in colder climates ( if inclusive heating) from oct 01 to mar 01 @ 70 F

these would be considered Basic standards.
Check with your comunity standards office, Rental Association, Tribunial, as things can vary from state to state,

[FONT=Verdana]The links below my commentary were used to defend and win an elderly woman’s right to maintain possession in a competency hearing a few years back. The sad fact is she died and the house fell into further disrepair. Click on links to read her story as reported in the local paper over a few weeks.

Lawyers and family members were trying to take her historic home away based on interior and exterior property conditions along with her mental state.

I have no idea how this information would “hold up” outside of Texas



In hotter or desert climates, like here in AZ, it is not uncommon to see a requirement of being able to cool the dwelling to at least 85 degrees.

In addition, I have heard of jurisdictions requiring a cooking source, proper food storage capability, i.e. refrigerator, and a functioning toilet.

But like previously mentioned, you will have to check your local jurisdiction.