Hack Job?

Hack saw blades welded to improper size dead front cover.

IMG_1228 (Small).JPG

IMG_1241 (Small).JPG

Tab…slap a OSHA sticker on it, good as new.


Just try NOT to touch it when you place that sticker…lol…

I never SAW such a thing :slight_smile:

WHY ???

Improper sized or replacement panel cover???

My guess, someone was bored and playing, unless you’re not kidding or I’m missing something else???

I am impressed with the charred finish though.

My favorite is the AHJ’s tag which was attached to this panel. Passed with flying colors!! Besides the pics I posted there was a multitude of electrical conditions present all of which were blatantly obvious. I dont know who the bigger hack was, the AHJ or the person who did this crappy work…

IMG_1237 (Small).JPG

That says it was a crappy installation when he started and it is still crappy.
“repair to existing”.

But we all know that AHJs never accept any responsibility for bad calls. :cool:

Gee, that is quite a detailed spec, ain’t it.