Hacking a FLIR e4 into an e8

Here is what I found out from someone very familiar with the process of hacking an e4 to an e8. (Don’t do it)


  Here is a video link of a hacker...

Yeah I heard about this a little bit ago. There are people selling hacked ones on eBay for around 2k.

I heard about that also… so I wanted to give everyone a heads up before someone got burned.

Ha, that camera was really hacked…lol. I guess I can see the logic in using the same detector for all cameras in that series…not much too them, and the lens is really small.

I have one and since it has some issues, am deciding whether to return or hack. Right now.

Warranty work is free.

Hacking voids the warranty.

Just saying.

You do know anything you hack you can un-hack you just have to save the files and use the same properties. Just saying.

Please understand, I just want it to work the way I was promised. I do not want to have to fill out forms and make phone calls to make it work. Lousy products and worse customer service makes me angry.

So, later in the day I receive a file(with no extension) and no directions on how-to open it. I guess I get to send them another email. One more strike for Flir.

Just FYI, for anyone considering doing the Flir hack.

I bought a used Flir E5 from Craigslist for $900 and paid my computer guy $100 to do the “hack”. It DEFINITELY worked. It is definitely a full capacity E8 and functions excellent with all the E8 features. It is a gamble as this does void the warranty. Also, I was not willing to attempt the hack myself because it seemed like it would take me all day and a lot of frustration (as I am NOT a computer tech), whereas, my computer guy seemed to find it rather simple after reading some of the blogs associated with the Flir 'hack". I would recommend that you (or your computer person) read all the blog data thoroughly before attempting this though. There is a lot of information out there related to this topic. Also, like John stated earlier, the later E models have an updated firmware that prevents the hack.

Just thought I would share my personal experience.

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Complete nonsense. Under what law or precedent? What electronics company has the right to tell someone what they can do with hardware they have purchased free and clear? This is an incredible story.

I got my camera back and it is still not working correctly. It is still looking for a memory card, it does not have a memory card.

Time to get your monies back!

Call FLIR and talk with them if you need to verify your rights to hack their IR cameras. It never hurts to verify.

Yes I think so, I will be using the Fluke and buying another Fluke.

No different than changing your computer operating system. Once purchased, you can do what you want with it. As others have said, Flir won’t honor any warranty but in the long run, who cares. I can buy 4 E4’s for the price of an E8 on sale. The hack cost me about an hour of my time. Yearly calibration? Nah. Just put a new unit in service.

How is it working out for you Steve?
Did you by any chance take before and after images of the same target?

I called them today, They have no clue what to do. They say the main board was changed. Maybe a software issue. They were going to let me send it back but they admitted they don’t have a clue what to do. They even updated the software while they had it. I await a call back.

Makes you wonder if they even tested the camera before they shipped it back to you. This is asinine!

It seems like the new cams they are producing are having a lot of issues. My EX320 has not given me any troubles and I don’t think it gave Chuck E. issues either when he had it. Still works like a horse for an old cam.

The saga continues, Donny calls me while I was driving and asks me to connect it to a computer. I tell him give me twenty mins util I get home. He says great. 15 mins later I call, he has left for the day(4:20 EST), guess what else does not work… His voice mail! After several attempts to reach him I call the main number(4:50 EST) and the supervisors have left also.

In a nutshell, their cameras, their voicemail and employees all do not work.

Here is a couple of images!
Remember this camera does not hold a memory card. POS!

Update Donny calls back at 5:25, I guess the office called him on his cell. So we talk through it. They believe there is too many images on the camera. We delete them all, take a few more and the same thing happens again.

Wow John thats a shame. Does the e8 have a memory card? Obvioulsly the e4 does not.
You know, the fluke TIR1 is a great middle range camera. Memory card, pip, thermal blending, and you can save images in radiometric, then modify them on flukes software.
I just so happen to have a great working used one for a really good price.