Had a Home Inspection Like This

Did one like this a couple years ago. Showed up to do the inspection early and prowling around what was supposed to be a vacant home. Women stuck her head out the door and asked what I was doing. I explained and told her I’d wait for the Realtor. Agent arrived, police were called and they (squatters) showed a phony lease. Took three months to get them out of there at which time I did the inspection. Giveaway to the phony lease - The meter was plugged in upside down!


Interesting. It sounds like they were experienced squatters.

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They had a lease. It was phony but they thought it was real, or so they said. Who knows, name on the lease couldn’t have been the owner of record cause he moved out of state. Don’t know what the interior looked like before they moved out, but the ceiling underneath the second floor bath was trash. Something leaked big time.

Is this some kind of sick
fantasy of yours?

Lol, not mine. It is a movie about a squatter who becomes violent.


A number of years ago, after the crash of 08, I was inspecting multiple local foreclosed houses for a company in Florida, one I inspected had squaters, I walked in and there was a mattress on the living room floor with sheets and a blanket, I walked into the kitchen and there was food that was still fresh, so when I didn’t see anyone I decided to proceed with the inspection, when I went to open the attic hatch I lifted it about 3-6 inches and it was slammed back down, at that point I decided the inspection was complete, I left and reported exactly what happened and yes I still charged full price.

I did another one around the same time for this same Fla. company, arrived at the house and noticed a decent roof, newer siding and newer windows with the stickers still on them, I remember thinking that this one looked pretty decent. I opened the door and realized ever piece of drywall had been stripped off the walls, the entire plumbing (including all sinks toilets etc), the entire electrical and HVAC systems were gone, so it was basically an empty shell. That’s one I’ll never forget, and since there was nothing to inspect on the inside of the house, the inspection was a breeze.


I am expecting a scenario like this to happen soon: not only are our local housing prices beyond insane (not even local doctors and lawyers can afford our current prices), some homes in my neighbourhood are owned by (what I assume to be) foreign investors who literally don’t care if the home is occupied since they are just using it as a bank vault. One house in particular (25 years old at most) has been vacant for at least 10 years although you would never know from the street. I have heard stories of local “professional” squatters so I can only assume they don’t know these executive sized homes are empty.

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Thanks for sharing, Bob! I have not come across any similar situations, but I will certainly keep this situation in mind. Criminal arrogance and creativity never ceases to amaze me. Make sure you protect yourselves out there, Inspectors! Most of us inspect solo, so exercise your Rights. You never know who may intend you harm.

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