Had to call 911

Had to go back and do a flat roof inspection after the snow had melted. Had my 26’ ladder up on the side of a row house, I was up about 3/4 of the way when I heard the ladder start scraping the brick. I stopped and noticed that the left foot of the ladder was sinking into the soil. Started back down and it started leaning further over to the left with every move. I was up about 20’, and was able to grab hold of a brick window sill. The whole time I’m think WTF am I going to do now. No one was around, legs and arm were cramping up, brick steps with metal railing on left side to land on. :freaked-::freaked-:

Slowly pulled out my phone and dialed, about 6 minutes later (felt like 30) the fire department showed up, steadied the ladder and I was down and safe.

Prior to this, I called about 10 roofing companies to see if they could do the inspection but all were busy doing storm damage repairs and didn’t have time for a real estate inspection. First time home buyer was calling me 4 or 5 time a day wanting to know when the roof was going to be inspected.

After all this I was sitting in my truck, again calling roofing companies, and noticed a roofing truck turning in front of me and slowing down. I got out of the truck and followed him. He and his crew were working on a roof a block over from where I was. I asked if they could help me out and the foreman said sure. He let me barrow their 32’ ladder and one of his men and I was able to complete my inspection. I had a $100 bill on me and offered to pay him but he would have nothing to do with it. I thanked them both and left.

Remember there name a good company to recommend to others .
Thanks for the post Interesting info

Wow scary!
Happy you are OK. :slight_smile:

On situations like that with snow coverage, etc … We report that the roof could not be inspected, AND state:

At that point they usually call a roofing contractor … Hoping to get some business, most roofers do this free in my area.

Here in Virginia they charge $185. Realtor was an ahole wanting me to pay. Whats $185 out of their $3000+ commission. Big dent in my $425 inspection. Some clients want a discount because the roof wasn’t inspected. How do you handle that request?

If they want a discount for the roof not being inspected, I’m sure they would be happy to pay additional for all the other special features that are not part of a standard home. My fee is “Flat Rate” non-negotiable once quoted, unless grossly misrepresented prior to my arrival, and in those cases, you will be alerted prior to the commencement of the inspection.

As to handling it…

No, I don’t get on roofs with snow, no I won’t shovel your roof to inspect it, no I don’t come back later, no I don’t discount in the winter, and no I did not tell you to buy a house in a snow storm. Snow covers the roofs several days of the winter months here in NY. Yes, we want to do a good job, but I don’t stress over things I don’t control, and the weather is one of them.

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Like Jonas said … My contract covers 1 TRIP to the property. Another TRIP means more $$$$$

Like Donald said … NO, NO , NO

What do I say when a client asks for a REFUND … Don’t know, its been at least 15 yrs since anyone ever asked.

Hope you are fine!!!.

I tell my prospective customers up front that I don’t climb 20-foot ladders. Maybe I have lost 2 or 3 inspections over the course of my first year as a result, but that’s OK. Every time I read a story like this I am further convinced that this is the right decision for me.

Ya don’t have to climb ladders at Micky D but ladders are a tool in the inspecting business:twisted:

“The outer roof system was snow covered at the time of the inspection and was not fully inspected. I recommend the buyer refer to the Seller’s Disclosure Document for any known deficiencies.”

Hopefully there was an accessible attic and we were able to see if moisture intrusion was present on the sheathing but as far as the roof covering goes it was not inspected.

Definitely no discount or refund of any kind. The above statement was probably in over 100 of our reports this year.

wow, glad to hear you’re ok.